Wolf & Maiden has done numerous hardwood furniture pieces in the past and offers our full services to our customers. If you are interested in one of the items below, or you have a design you'd like executed please contact us at:

Sally Slanter

A relaxed three-seater with an angled base and backrest for optimal poise and comfort.

L: 1580  W: 800  H: 745  SH: 400


Simon's Stool

An homage to the landscape and culture of the beautiful Western Cape Winelands in which it was conceived. Made from handcrafted hardwood and traditional leather riempies, this eyecatching chair is furnished with a bed of champagne corks that act as an eccentrically functional cushion for those inclined to recline...

L: 480  W: 500  H: 500  SH: 400


Sweeping Daybed

A miracle of form and function, this beautiful daybed is endlessly compelling to gaze at and even more so to lie upon...

L: 1920  W: 890  H: 400  SH: N/A


El Bulli

An elegant dining table with gentle curves and slender symmetry...

L: 2750  W: 1000  H: 780  SH: N/A


Coffee Table

A geometric centrefold to make friends over...

L: 1300  W: 480  H: 460  SH: N/A


Gurdjieff's Desk

Named for the philosopher's fourth way, this multi-purpose desk connects pillars of thought like the legs of a table...

L: 1600  W: 800  H: 750  SH: N/A


Gurdjieff's Server

For those times when philosophy requires a little bit of lubrication...

L: 1000  W: 450  H: 1000  SH: N/A